• June 2, 2020
Biggest Ground of Cricket Sardar Patel Motera Stadium Ahmedabad

Biggest Ground of Cricket Sardar Patel Motera Stadium Ahmedabad cost 750 crore: US President Donald Trump is on a two-day visit to India from 24-25 February. Gujarat government is also engaged in special preparations along with the Modi government at the center to welcome the trump. Trump will first go to Ahmedabad on 24 February. Last year, when PM Modi went on a tour of America, the Trump government organized a Howdy Modi program for him. Following the same pattern, the Government of India is organizing a ‘Namaste Trump’ to welcome the trump. Motera Stadion of Gujarat has been prepared for Namaste Trump.

Two days ago, BCCI shared the picture of Motera Stadium on social media. Ever since this picture has surfaced on social media, the Motera Stadium has also become a topic of discussion with Trump’s tour. The BCCI has claimed that Motera Stadium is the biggest stadium in cricket. In this stadium, PM Modi will also give a speech along with Trump.

Cricket’s biggest ground

Motera Stadium has been completely renovated. It is claimed that seating of 1 lakh 10 thousand spectators is arranged in Motera Stadium. Although the history of this stadium is old. The Gujarat government first donated 50 acres to build the Motera Stadium. After this, Motera Stadium was built in 1982.

Since 1983, cricket matches have been held at Motera Stadium. But in the year 2015, cricket matches were stopped here to make the stadium anew. The Motera Stadium has been renovated at a cost of Rs 750 crore. It took more than four years to get the stadium ready from scratch.

The stadium is equipped with modern technology

Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Stadium is considered to be the largest before Motera Stadium. Melbourne Cricket Stadium has a seating area of ​​about 1 lakh people. But it is claimed that 1 lakh 10 thousand spectators can watch the match in Motera Stadium. In this way this stadium will become the biggest ground in cricket.

However, no match has been played at Motera Cricket Stadium since it was prepared afresh. There are claims that this cricket stadium is fully equipped with modern technology. There are 11 different pitches in this stadium. Apart from this, arrangements have been made to remove all the water from the ground in just half an hour. It is being claimed that Motera Stadium has parking facilities of three thousand cars and 10 thousand two wheelers.


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