• June 2, 2020
Panga Movie Review

Kangana Ranaut takes Panga Movie Review:

Each Kangana Ranaut movie release of overdue is an occasion –an accomplishment alone given the disproportionate advertising attention and spends earmarked for male celebrities and their movies. This too the enthusiasm in the press preview for Panga was very real.

Rooted in the actual world, Panga comes with a glamorised Kangana Ranaut at the part of a retired kabaddi player that returns to the game after a seven-year hiatus and runs into a string of challenges. The movie’s central assumption has incontrovertible potential but it could have come to naught had the remedy not been sure-footed.

Panga basically is a narrative about regaining confidence in your self. It goes beyond only art, for the individual sitting next to you, wreaking havoc on the keyboard at this time, additionally has. So do we. It’s that confidence that’s quite delicate, it’s that confidence which endures the greatest strikes. Working with a script she’s co-written using Nikhil Mehrotra and extra screenplay inputs and dialogues from Nitesh Tiwari, she crafts a narrative that doesn’t sacrifice authenticity for gaudy plot sleights or joys of a shallow character.

Although one has been relieved that things move according to strategy, the smooth, nearly too simple surmounting of problems with no significant detriment robs the movie of an increased dramatic battle, which maybe might have made it even more believable. But again, given the viewer’s propensity for tales which are mild and breezy, the storyline is very likely to assist its box- office prospects.

Kangana Ranaut isn’t the only one to mince words beat around the bush, the celebrity has regularly taken some true life’panga’ with Bollywood stars. When it’s calling Karan Johar that the flag-bearer of nepotism or slamming Deepika Padukone for her’Chhapaak’ make-up movie – Kangana was fairly vocal about her view. The actress recently told that a daily that stating things as you see them does not mean she’s choosing a’panga’, struggle.

Panga Movie Reviews

3.5/5 Scroll.in
3.5/5 India TV
3.5/5 Pinkvilla

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