• June 2, 2020

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Ragoli chandels Twitter account has-been suspended due to controversial post: Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel is often in the news for her controversial tweets. Recently, Rangoli had tweeted that the people of the Jamaat should be lined up and shot. After this, she was seen continuously tweeting such abuses on Twitter.

Due to these inflammatory tweets, his Twitter account has been suspended. His account has been suspended due to violation of Twitter guidelines. A message from Twitter can be seen on Rangoli’s account. In which it is said that the account has been suspended due to violation of guidelines. However, it does not say how long the account has been suspended.

What was disputed tweet

Rangoli tweeted, “A hoarding corona has died of the virus.” When doctors and policemen go to check them, they attack and kill them. Secular media and fake mullahs should be shot in a lime. We should not care about history that someone will call us Nazi. Life is more valuable than fake image.

Many celebs complain

Many famous celebs have also reported on Twitter about Rangoli. In this, Reema Kagti and Kubra Sait also complained about the Twitter post of Rangoli. Tagging the film director Reema Kagti wrote to the Mumbai Police that they should look into the matter and take action on it. He wrote that spreading hatred and violence among people is both a crime and action should be taken against those who do so.

At the same time, actress Kubra Sait wrote that I have blocked and reported the Rangoli. He wrote, tagging the CMO of Maharashtra and the Mumbai Police, thus spreading hatred is highly irresponsible. Please look into this issue and take necessary action against it.


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